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    Courtesy of Teledyne DALSA
    Vsd 2303 Vsd Iiv 1
    Imaging Boards and Software

    What’s New in CLHS Version 1.2?

    Feb. 24, 2023
    Camera Link High Speed version 1.2 now supports 25 Gbps (25G) and is backward compatible to 10 Gbps (10G) CLHS.
    Figure 1: IDS NXT is a comprehensive AI-based vision system consisting of intelligent cameras plus software environment that covers the entire process from the creation to the execution of AI vision applications. (Photo courtesy of IDS Imaging Development Systems.)
    Imaging Boards and Software

    Challenges and Emerging Applications for Deep Learning/AI

    Feb. 20, 2023
    Developers are working to overcome challenges—such as cost and availability of training data—to implement deep learning in machine vision applications.
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    Editor’s Note: Expectations for 2023

    Feb. 20, 2023
    Our Senior Editor, Linda Wilson, represented Vision Systems Design at the 2023 A3 Business Forum in January, and she reported good news as the automation market is again poised...
    Courtesy of Bytronic Vision Automation
    Vsd Bytronic Full System
    Consumer Packaged Goods

    Machine Vision Automates Inspection at Multinational Margarine Producer

    Feb. 15, 2023
    The automated system inspects tubs after they are filled with margarine, a second time after a film seal is added, and a third time after a top is affixed to the tub.
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    Cameras and Accessories

    Advanced Assembly Techniques for Imaging Lenses

    Feb. 6, 2023
    As applications become more demanding imaging lenses need more advanced assembly techniques to keep up.

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    On Vision: Did We Celebrate Autonomous Quality Inspection Too Soon?

    Feb. 3, 2023
    Whether or not we can easily automate something depends largely on the use case and the level of complexity this involves.
    Dreamstime 2668131
    Fiber optics transmit data as pulses of light through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic.
    Imaging Boards and Software

    Extending the Benefits of CoaXPress with CoaXPress over Fiber

    Dec. 6, 2022
    CoaXPress over Fiber (CXPoF) is an add-on designed to let the CoaXPress protocol run unmodified over a standard Ethernet connection including fiber optics.