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    The Evolving Role of Deep Learning in Machine Vision

    May 11, 2023
    Deep learning, a subset of machine learning, is often the topic of conversation among machine vision professionals.That’s because deep learning uses neural networks to mimic human...
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    Embedded Vision

    Engineers Use Deep Learning to Develop New Embedded Vision Applications

    April 24, 2023
    More and more types of vision applications at the edge are emerging such as those involving product inspection, autonomous robots, and medical devices.
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    The Next Big Thing in Machine Vision

    April 10, 2023
    Embedded vision is a high-volume, low-cost approach to solving machine vision challenges.
    Courtesy of Lufthansa Industry Solutions
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    Embedded Vision

    Lufthansa Developing Vision System to Analyze Food Waste

    April 7, 2023
    The airline company's goal is to reduce the amount of food it throws out by providing meals passengers will eat.
    Courtesy of Durgin and Crowell
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    Inspecting Surface Defects in Wood Paneling and Siding

    March 23, 2023
    Machine vision system highlights surface imperfections in pine boards that result from manufacturing errors.

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    Vsd Dialysis Cart Inspection Summary Fail (close Up Of Missing Component)

    Using Deep Learning to Automate Inspection of Medical Carts

    March 7, 2023
    Automated machine vision system inspects fastening hardware on metal carts that hold medical devices.
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    Cameras and Accessories

    AI Vehicle Inspection with Ultra-High-Resolution Cameras

    Feb. 7, 2023
    Automated inspection of rental cars is now possible using a combination of machine learning and high resolution sensors.
    Courtesy of IDS
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    Environment and Agriculture

    Machine Vision System Detects Forest Fires Early, Aiding Efforts to Extinguish Them

    Jan. 31, 2023
    Based on machine vision and deep learning, automated system detects fires in forested areas throughout France.
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    Life Sciences

    Novel 3D Imaging System Helps Optimize Athletic Performance from Head to Toe

    Jan. 27, 2023
    Advanced AI-enabled software, 3D sensors, and powerful industrial PCs deliver data that can optimize coaching strategies and athletic execution.
    Courtesy of Serve Robotics
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    Embedded Vision

    Mobile Robots Use Machine Vision to Deliver Food

    Jan. 23, 2023
    Numerous companies offer this robotic delivery service, which relies on machine vision technologies for such tasks as navigation and obstacle avoidance.
    ZeroEyes’s proprietary software will be layered on top of SEPTA’s existing security cameras. It will identify brandished guns and dispatch alerts to safety personnel and local law enforcement as fast as three to five seconds after detection.
    Security, Surveillance, Transportation

    PA Transit Authority to Deploy AI Gun Detection System

    Jan. 13, 2023
    To decrease response times to incidents at which a gun is brandished, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is rolling out a pilot program involving AI...
    Courtesy of Amazon
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    Embedded Vision

    Amazon Testing Robotic Arm that Identifies Individual Products

    Dec. 21, 2022
    The robot can manipulate 65% of Amazon’s sortable inventory of more than 100 million products, not including large products such as appliances.
    Figure 1: For 3D problems, feature detection needs to be performed on depth images, typically point clouds, created by dual-camera stereo systems or time-of-flight-based cameras that emit infrared light and measure the time it takes the reflection to arrive back at the camera. (Images courtesy of Micropsi Industries.)

    AI Offers Advantages for Control-Oriented Vision Systems for Robotics

    Dec. 9, 2022
    End-to-end-trained AI-based control offers higher reliability and precision than the traditional measure-and-execute paradigm.
    Courtesy of Tennant Co.
    The autonomous robot scrubs floors and scans inventory at Sam's Club.

    Sam’s Club Adds Inventory Sensing Technology

    Nov. 18, 2022
    The inventory sensing and management product provides Sam’s Club with information about product stock levels, product location on shelves, compliance with product placement plans...
    Courtesy of University of California, Davis
    A lightweight and fast experimental camera includes a thin microlens array and sensor.
    Cameras and Accessories

    3D Camera Without Lens Could Be Useful in Machine Vision

    Nov. 14, 2022
    The system overcomes the obstacles seen in other cameras without lenses, resulting in a lightweight and fast camera.