Tdi Line Scan Camera Dna Analysis

TDI cameras solve new challenges in DNA sequencing

Nov. 20, 2020
Time delay and integration cameras amplify camera sensitivity to detect weak signals without degrading image quality.
Figure 1: This performance assessment chart compares support vector machine, convolutional neural networks, and sparse modeling techniques.
Imaging Boards and Software

Sparse modeling software offers novel approach to machine vision inspection

Nov. 20, 2020
Data modeling AI technique needs only small datasets and requires no GPU or cloud infrastructure.
Refined Copper Sheet Inspection
Cameras and Accessories

3D vision systems provide quality control at copper refining plant

Nov. 18, 2020
Twelve inspection stations on three production lines employ laser profilers to examine thousands of metal sheets per day.
Wall E Wave

Learning from WALL-E

Nov. 8, 2020
My wife Laura and I recently brought our boys, Jacob and Brandon, to the Museum of Science in Boston. A special Science Behind Pixar exhibit caught our attention, so we bought...