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Figure 1: In-line illumination is ideal for the inspection of semiconductor wafers and other specular or semi-specular objects.
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Understanding unique machine vision illumination methods

Sept. 10, 2019
In-line, telecentric, and diffuse axial lighting techniques each offer distinct advantages for disparate applications.
Steel Paint Thickness System Sample
Factory Automation

Machine vision system measures paint coating thickness on steel products

Sept. 10, 2019
Microscope-based vision system features custom imaging software for ensuring proper coating thickness for major steel companies.
Figure 2. Moiré beat patterns from changes in the fringe orientation or spacing indicates tilts or yaw of the part surface and is fixed on the part surface with movement of the part. The edge of a label on a bottle (right) can be seen as lifting off the surface by the brake in the pattern at the top of the label.
Cameras and Accessories

Moiré imaging methods enhance 3D image generation in machine vision

Aug. 2, 2019
Novel 3D technique creates topographic maps to highlight changes in surface slope or curvature.
Figure 1: A 5 MPixel camera with a Theia SY125M lens captured an image of a hexagonal hallway ring.
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How lens selection leads to success (or failure) in video surveillance systems

July 1, 2019
While understanding the most important considerations in lens selection ultimately leads to success in the system, a lack of knowledge will lead to failure.
Figure 1. Shown is an example of diffuse reflection, where the diffuse reflected intensity I is a function of the incident light direction L and the surface normal n; albedo is the fraction of the incident sunlight reflected by the surface.
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Photometric stereo techniques analyze reflections to improve image contrast

July 1, 2019
By combining images obtained with varying directional illumination and analyzing the reflections, photometric stereo is an effective computational imaging technique to enhance...